F.O.A.K Cabinets

"First of a Kind"

“F.O.A.K”. That’s sounds different. That’s because it is different

"F.O.A.K"/First of a Kind meaning Unique, First of its kind to exist, Recently created, New or a Novel Approach.

We believe that sometimes people desire wooden items that just can’t be “store bought”.  If they need to be Detailed, Custom Designed, Hand Crafted, Real Wood, Fabricated to match the customer’s wishes, FOAK Cabinets is here for you.


  • When ordinary/store bought just won’t do
  • When you’re tired of imitations
  • When you’re looking for the strength and beauty of real wood
  • When unique perfection is what you’re after
  • When you wish to make “your ideas” a reality

Gather those ideas and contact F.O.A.K. Cabinets!